Monday Makes: Lavender Bags

Here we are, the much anticipated lavender bags. If you read my review of Sew! by Cath Kidston, you’ll know that this is one of the lovely projects from that book – the easiest one I’d say.

Anyway, you can make these by hand or use a sewing machine. You’ll need:

(per bag)

Template drawn onto greaseproof/tracing paper (I used the heart one here)

2 x 20cm squares lightweight fabric

Matching thread

15cm length of ribbon or tape (optional)

35g dried lavender

Fading pen

Sewing kit and/or machine

Firstly, place the two squares of fabric back to back and then pin on the template. Draw round using a fading pen, then cut out leaving an extra 1cm or so seam allowance. Remove the template then pin the two hearts back together and stitch all the way around the line, leaving a gap of approx. 4cm on one of the straight edges. Remove pins. Now trim the seam back to around 5mm and make notches around the top curves of the heart (this makes the seams lie flatter). Press back the seam around the opening and then turn carefully inside out, so that your fabric is now facing outwards. At this point you can use a teaspoon to fill the bag with lavender. When you’ve done that you’ll need to slip stitch the gap (this is where mine started to look a bit amateurish – need to practice that I think).  If you want to add a hanging loop, then fold your length of ribbon in half and stitch neatly to the top of the heart. Et, voila!

I’d say you can knock one of these up in about half an hour if you have no interruptions. I’m planning to perfect these and make lots of them.

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2 responses to “Monday Makes: Lavender Bags

  1. Good job… I recently tried to make one (of my own design) after seeing some at a friends and I too need to work on my hand stitching! Oh well I’ll have fun practicing! xx

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