Knit One, Purl One

Did you know it’s National Knitting and Wool Week right now? Well, it is. From 14th to 20th October to be precise. I have limited experience of knitting and find it’s one of those hobbies that’s best suited to Autumn and Winter months as, let’s face it, that’s when we need woolly stuff, right?

Feeling creative, I decided to dig out my needles and the brilliant Stitch and Bitch book and have a go at making something. Bearing in mind that I’m a) short of time and b) a little impatient, I thought it best to begin with something straightforward and functional, so I picked up a ball of this lovely chunky yarn by Patons and got on with making, yep you guessed it, a scarf! What’s so great about this yarn is that one ball is enough for a scarf and there’s even a pattern for one on the label. It probably took me about three or four hours (done in short bursts over a period of about a week), but I’ve finished up with this gorgeous, teal coloured neck-warmer and it only cost a fiver.

My next project is going to be slightly more complicated – a hat! Watch this space…



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