It’s Thrifty Thursday again and I thought it might be nice to share some money making tips (actually, I’m hoping that lots of you will give me ideas too).

We both have ‘proper’ jobs – G’s an accountant and I work part-time as a pre school teacher – but what I want to tell you about today are all of the other little sundry odds and ends which bring in a few quid here and there.

Firstly, it’s all about using your skills/qualifications/expertise. As a qualified primary teacher, one of my main ways of bringing in extra cash is by marking test or exam papers. I do this once a year. It’s easy-ish work which can be done at home (a big plus) and fits in around the kids. If your child’s doing KS2 English SATs this year, it’s quite possible that I may be marking his or her paper! In the past I’ve done the odd bit of tutoring too, again cashing in on my teaching skills. What are you good at? Could you use your professional knowledge to earn some extra dosh?

One of the other ways  I make a few pounds is by selling stuff. Now, I know some people make a full time business out of this type of thing, but I’m talking about listing a few things on Ebay and for Ebay success, I think you have to have a bit of an eye for what people are willing to pay good money for. Personally, I can’t be bothered selling a shabby kid’s t-shirt for 50p or a an old pair of wellies for a quid. On the other hand, I know that there are certain brands and items which are always popular and worth making the effort for (and let’s be honest, listing items on Ebay does take a bit of effort, doesn’t it?).

I often daydream about selling pretty handmade objets in my currently empty Etsy shop, but this isn’t a realistic way for me to make money – my creative skills are way off the mark and certainly not of a standard to sell in any volume. If, however, you’re blessed in this way, then I reckon you could have a nice sideline selling online or at craft fairs.

An area which, for me,  is very much in an embryonic stage is freelance writing. I’ve been approached by a few companies and individuals asking me to write articles on my blog, but it’s important to be selective and decide if the content will work without compromising your style. No point in me blathering on about motorbikes or similar (not that I’ve been asked to, mind, but you get my drift). Seriously, though, I love writing and could think of no better way to make a living (hint, hint to anyone who needs a writer). Talking of blogs, I know that some of you make a few pennies from advertising and sponsorship. I haven’t done this but I suppose the idea is to make your website work for you. Again, I think you’d have to be cautious about who you associate yourself with.

Making spare cash can be quite thrilling, especially if it comes about by doing something you enjoy. I think we need to be wily these days and seize any money making opportunities that might come our way. What do you do?