This blog began a few years ago whilst I was awaiting the arrival of a new addition. Well, that addition is now four years old and starts school in September (sob). Since it started, it’s gone through peaks and troughs of activity, but the last few months have seen a total lack of new posts. Not sure why really. I just seem to have been super busy with everything else, you know, work, kids, household stuff, breaking a rib (don’t ask) and so on. I haven’t felt inspired to blog. However, I now have fresh motivation in the form of our latest addition to the family (at last, a link to the opening line). So here he is, Pip the chocolate Labradoodle puppy, eight weeks old today!


Now, I think it’s fair to say that eight week old puppies are HARD work. Like a cross between a newborn baby (the getting up in the night bit) and a very mischievous toddler (the ‘into everything’ bit). We’ve had him five days now and he is running us ragged, but he is also (luckily for him) the most adorably cute ball of fluff you could wish to meet. Right now, we’re trying to find a routine and get Pip used to his new home. We’re all on a steep learning curve. The kids have to remember not to leave stuff lying around on the floor and they also have to remember not to walk around in bare feet just in case Pip has left anything lying around on the floor. Gareth and I are constantly checking where he is or standing outside with him encouraging him to have a wee al fresco instead of on the nice wooden floorboards.

 On a different note, it’s given me the impetus to get my sewing machine out. I’ve already made a very simple microwaveable rice comforter ‘thing’ using a rectangle of leftover Cath Kidston fabric (only the best…) and I’m planning to make  a cover for his crate (currently an ugly wire contraption which doesn’t bring anything to the ambience of the living room).

So there we have it. A new blog post about a new puppy. I don’t intend to leave it so long next time.

Do you have a pup? What are your top tips? I’m all ears…