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Do you do it? I do (oooh, that’s sounds very self congratulatory – sorry). I was just jotting down ideas and thought I’d share this week’s menu with you.

I’ve done this for a good while now ever since we got sick of throwing food away because it was being bought and then not eaten for various reasons. Quite often we would also end up with plenty of food but nothing to make a decent meal with which is very annoying. So, we decided to meal plan with the aim of having seven dinners organised in advance and then compiling the shopping list with these in mind. We don’t worry too much beyond dinner, although maybe we should sort that out too. Another day…

Anyway, here’s what this week’s meal plan looks like chez nous (ours starts on a Wednesday as that’s when my Other Half does the big shop):


Dinner Need
to Buy


Chicken Pie, mash and vegetables Chicken pie


Spicy chick peas and cous cous Chick peas



Hot Chicken salad Chicken breasts, salad leaves


Sausage & bean casserole Sausages, borlotti beans, passata


Creamy tuna tomato penne


Quorn mince chilli & rice Quorn mince

You’ll notice that Friday is empty. That’s because I haven’t thought of anything yet. Not as easy as it looks you see.

I’ll type up the ‘recipes’ next time in case any of you are wondering how to make any of our dinners. Most of them are my Other Half’s concoctions. Not only does he do the weekly shop, he also cooks most evenings too. Again, that sounds very smug – sorry. In my defence, I write the shopping list and cook the kids’ tea!

I’d be interested to hear about your shopping and cooking strategies – are you a planner or do you grab random items from the supermarket shelves? Leave a comment and let me know. Perhaps you could even give me an idea for Friday night’s dinner <hopeful>.


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